POEM: I Checked Into Chennai City

I checked into Chennai city

In the wee hours of morning

I was greeted at the entrance,

With tikka and garland of Jasmine.

I was caught up the entire day

In the vicious cycle of food, afternoon siesta and internet;

In the evening I had dinner

With beautiful numbers form Elvis and the band.

Post dinner we decided

To drive down to the Marina Bay,

We felt the sand beneath our feet,

Sapping our stress away.

A pebble pierced through my skin,

I yelped with an ouch!

My friends had surged ahead of me,

I scurried to join the crowd.

We went up to the shore

Where the waves flowed down to our ankles and bent;

I loved the gentle breeze and the hissing of the seas,

The waves gently kissed my feet and went!

The beguiling, indescribable feeling

blended into a beautiful song,

The captivating sights and sounds shall remain

Etched in my memory for long!

To put it simply in words,

the escapade was indeed adventuresome,

It had a melodic lilt to it,

To appeal to every man’s modicum!

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