Mask up?

The Delhi government is very strict in enforcing Covid appropriate behaviours and transgressions in any form are a punishable offence.

Here I would like to add that I have in my repertoire more than a fair share of transgressions and without these transgressions, I seize to be the person I am!

Today, I had an appointment with the doctor and in a hurry, I forgot to wear my mask before stepping out of my house. I would like to point, that wearing of masks was compulsory at the doctor’s clinic where I had sought an appointment.

When I was almost halfway there, I realised my mistake; in a jiffy, I looked around for some handkerchief or scarf with which to cover my face, but unfortunately there was none. I asked my driver to look out for shops selling similar items to avoid courting trouble.

On my way, I could see shops of all kinds-paan shops, confectionery shops, but they had nothing close to what I had been looking for!

After 15 minutes of endless trials, at last there was a glimmer of hope! I could see a washerman ironing clothes at the corner of the street. I asked my driver to stop the vehicle.

“I left my mask at home; could you lend me a dupatta for sometime and I shall return it as soon as my work is done,”I made this face-saving request.

“Well madam I cannot lend a dupatta to someone just like that! It doesn’t happen that way.”

But…I’m not going to run away with the dupatta… Pls for goodness sake… help me if you can.”

“Ma’am you are wasting your time… and mine too.”

I walked up to the car realising there was little use arguing over the point and could hear the washerman mumbling something unto himself.

Seated in my car, I called the receptionist at the clinic- “I’ll be there in a few minutes but there is a problem.”

“Yes… go ahead.”

“I forgot to wear my mask.”

“No problem… you can come.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Upon my directions,my driver took an about turn and screeched to a halt at the signal.A uniformed policeman materialised in front of me.

“Madam, where is your mask?”

“I forgot to wear it today,” I said almost anticipating the trouble I had landed into.

“ I’m afraid you will have to pay rupees 2000 challan.

Without uttering a word, I removed worth 2000 rupees crisp notes and handed them over to him.

“Ma’am you will also have to show your identity proof.”

He took a picture of my Adhaar Card and set us free.

I was 15 minutes late for my appointment and when I entered the clinic I believe I may have appeared to onlookers like a elusive visitor from another planet!

I handed over my fees to the receptionist and she pulled out a mask from the chest of drawers and handed it over to me!

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