जाते हो ये बता दो

किस नाम पुकारूँ

हक़ जो दे दो मुझको

मैं चाँद पुकारूँ

सच्चा हूँ मैं आशिक

दिल थाम पुकारूँ

खिलती सी सुबह से

फिर शाम पुकारूँ


तुमको मैं भी जाना

किस काम पुकारूँ

उलफत में जीता

नाकाम पुकारूँ

राधा मैं हूँ तुमको

क्या श्याम पुकारूँ

खिलती सी सुबह से

फिर शाम पुकारूँ

I’m laid-back

I’m laid-back,

I’m relaxed,

My communication skills are passable,

I’m screwed at maths.

Humanities is a tad boring,

It’s all about learning facts,

I can’t handle biology,

My drawing is bad.

Commerce, Economics,

Accountancy and Statistics;

All the data analysis

Is quite perplexing,

Some are good at athletics,

Some at swimming,

But I’m a worthless chap,

I’m good at nothing.

We are under constant pressure

To prove our mettle,

The world is competitive they say

Failure is unacceptable.

But within me resides a heart

So pure and warm and gentle,

I can lend out my hand

To those who are suffering and miserable.

U can read me through n through,

I’m like an open book;

Could the world extend it’s arms

And give me a gentle hug?