I’m laid-back

I’m laid-back,

I’m relaxed,

My communication skills are passable,

I’m screwed at maths.

Humanities is a tad boring,

It’s all about learning facts,

I can’t handle biology,

My drawing is bad.

Commerce, Economics,

Accountancy and Statistics;

All the data analysis

Is quite perplexing,

Some are good at athletics,

Some at swimming,

But I’m a worthless chap,

I’m good at nothing.

We are under constant pressure

To prove our mettle,

The world is competitive they say

Failure is unacceptable.

But within me resides a heart

So pure and warm and gentle,

I can lend out my hand

To those who are suffering and miserable.

U can read me through n through,

I’m like an open book;

Could the world extend it’s arms

And give me a gentle hug?

One thought on “I’m laid-back

  1. No doubt,touched to read it but only a pure soul and a sensitive heart can pen down such true feelings!
    With a warm hug to you my dear friend.


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