Follow Your Dreams!

Sitara a 10th grader hated Maths and Science. Her father Mahendra Kumar wanted her to pursue engineering like him. All decisions, no matter how small were taken by Mahendra in the Kumar household. His wife Arundhati had no say in the decision making process.

Ironically, Sitara always ended up scoring high marks in subjects she abhorred. She loved English but didn’t score very high marks in her favourite subject as the examiner was very strict in awarding marks. She was passionate about singing and wished to pursue this as her career.

Sitara cleared her 10th board exams with distinction in 5 subjects which included Maths and Science.

‘Mumma, I’m afraid dad will ask me to take up Science and sit for AIEEE exams which I obviously do not want.’

‘Don’t worry child I’ll talk to your father.’

Mumma, although I have scored well in Science and Maths I am certain this won’t get repeated as I have no aptitude for the above subjects.’

In the evening when Mahendra returned from office and sat at the dinner table, Arundhati analysed his mood and put forth her point of view – ‘I think we should let Sitara choose her vocation. After all it is her life. Why should we force her to do something she doesn’t enjoy doing.’

‘She has consistently scored well in the Science subjects. That says it all. I don’t want to talk further on the subject.’

When Sitara learnt as to what her father had said, she was overwhelmed with grief.

‘Beta, don’t worry, I will have a talk with our family counsellor,’ Arundhati tried to reassure Sitara.

‘Nishtha ma’am, as usual Mahendra is not listening to us. Sitara does not wish to take up Science in the 11th grade and he is forcing her to do so.’

The family counsellor had a talk with Mahendra and an appointment with a career counsellor was scheduled. It was agreed upon that the results of the aptitude tests would be the final career choice for Sitara.

Mahendra-Hello Mrs Khan.

Mrs Khan- hello sir.

‘My daughter has avid interest in Maths and Science. She is budding Einstein,’ Mahendra said looking hopeful.

‘Sitara, there are a set of questionnaires to be completed. Write your answers calmly while I discuss things with your parents.

Throughout the entire conversation, Mahendra kept stressing how their daughter was exceptionally gifted and that the Sciences would be the most apt career choice for her. Mrs Khan who had respect for Mahendra’s honour and position kept nodding in agreement while Arundhati played the mute listener.

After the aptitude tests were over, Mrs Khan bid them adieu with the assurance that the test results will be mailed to both parents in 3 days time.

‘Mumma I’m very nervous and anxious. I didn’t like the counsellor who seemed to agree with everything that dad said.’

‘Let’s hope for the best Sitara.’

On the third day, the test results came up late into the night. Arundhati was only able to see the mail the day after.

‘Sitara, the test results are out.’

Sitara had butterflies in her stomach which opening the mail and what it revealed left her stupefied.

‘Mumma, it says I should pursue music,’ and leaped with joy.

They revealed the test results to Mahendra who only wished Mrs Khan would die of some life-threatening disease!

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