I was once was asked

to pick a shade

the verdant green, the mystical blue

or a flamboyant red?

I love the blues of the oceans,

and the landscapes green;

I love the colours of twilight ,

as much as I love dawn.

I love the the ice-capped mountains,

As much as I love the moon;

I love people

Black, white and brown.

I love the flowers,

I love the stars;

Cos all are manifestations of

the eternal supreme power.

I love the colours of autumn,

I love the colours of all seasons,

I love the colours of spring

And I love them all for no reason.

I love the springs,

I love the gentle flapping of wings;

I love the cascading falls,

I love the sprigs n twigs.

Let us be fiesty like the oranges and reds,

Embrace the white for purity of the heart;

let the calmness of the blues prevail ,

Enjoy the pink of health!

Enjoy the colours of Holi!

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