Happy All Fools Day

As Governments of several states across the country have issued guidelines to reopen schools, one such school was scheduled to reopen from April 1, 2021. A seventh grader wrote a sweet letter to the school authorities which reads as follows:

All this while you fooled us by making us learn abstruse mathematical formulae, abstract science concepts, history about the gone and the dead when these subjects are not to my liking. All the Physics of f=ma, the baffling Chemistry of acids and bases reacting to form salts and how and why of photosynthesis and reproduction in plants has gone above my head. I want to become an FBI agent when I grow up and I do not know haw this is going to help me as a sleuth. Will all this knowledge help me crack a case? Probably no. Many stalwarts became great without any formal education. Examples are Rabindra Nath Tagore, Thomas Edison and our very own PM Mr Narendra Modi. In the month of March, when children should be regaling, preparing for festivities and splashing colours at one another, we are made to cram for our final exams.

I take the All Fools’ Day to protest the prevalent education system by not reporting to school. I shall join from April 2 onwards. In the meanwhile, take time and consider my point of view.

Happy All Fools’ Day.


From Maya

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