The New Normal in Covid Era

1. Hand washing ritual is perfectly sane and normal. It is no longer a sign of OCD

2. The pros of being introverted far outweigh those of being an extrovert. Not socialising or attending gatherings is not a sign of asocial behaviour.

3. If you are in favour of exams being cancelled, you don’t have test anxiety. You are in tune with times.

4. If you avoid going to school or favour the online curriculum over the classroom curriculum, there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly well-adjusted.

5. If you are suspicious of people, you are certainly not paranoid. 👀

6. Your partner cannot force themselves upon you as maintaining a distance of 6 feet is obligatory.

7. If you are obsessed with cleaning your surroundings well then… golden words are not repeated….

8. If you disagree with the above you need to see a medic.

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