The Unhelping Profession

I was filling up the FYBA (First Year BA) form of Mumbai University. I was studying at the prestigious Sophia College and was mystified about which subject to choose from the array of options. Sister Fila Lobo prompted me to pick Psychology which I ticked hurriedly and which also went on to become my area of specialisation or Major in the TYBA (Third Year BA.) It turned out to be the biggest omission of my life. Below I would like to recount a few reasons as to why this is so:

Firstly, in my country, NGOs or other organisations manned by psychologists deal with problems personal in nature day in and day out on a daily basis with makes them apathetic to the issues faced by the people. The Psychologists or shrinks (Psychiatrists) become hard hearts which colours their ability to see people’s problems squarely. They are able to help people from low socioeconomic backgrounds like women whose husbands are drunkards, don’t earn and beat their wives for example, but they are unable to look through the hypocrisies of the middle class. The result is unsatisfied and frustrated clients.

Secondly, in the discipline of Psychology we are taught that a normal person is one who follows “norms” or socially appropriate or approved behaviour. This idea promotes herd mentality and implies that if u follow the crowd, no matter right or wrong, you are “normal” with total disregard for virtue and integrity.

I find the tenets of this discipline virtually flawed.

I have helped many in need and shall continue to do so and I believe that one doesn’t need a degree in Psychology and Psychiatry to do so. All we require is feelings of empathy which 99% of the people from the above disciplines lack.

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