Dear Daughter!

You came for the holidays

You rang in laughter and merriment

Long lull and silence crept in

after you went.

Only a year apart

There were times we have been together

It has been a pill hard to swallow

That you are now a mere visitor

Only some while ago

You were eensy-weensy like pixies and elves

Now you can make it to the

Tallest corners and topmost shelves!

May you win accolades

Or even if u don’t it’s fine

All you need to win us over

Is with your beguiling smile.

I remember your cherubic face

Covered in mud

Like a little flower

Peeping out of it’s bud!

I was baffled by your questions

Your ifs and buts

With your wild shenanigans

You drove me nuts!😇

How I secretly wish

That time would return,

But time flies out of our hands

Like a desperate bird.

I wish you the moon and the sun

I wish you shooting stars

I wish u dusts of silver and gold

Straight from pixie jars!

Your beautiful fragrance comes across as

Coffee freshly brewed,

May you get all that you ask for

May all your wishes come true.

There was a time

When you lead a protected, guarded life

Now is the time to crawl out of your cuccoon

And become a butterfly!


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