You Have What You Ask For

True Story

Mrs Kamini, a widowed lady well into her seventies hated the feminine gender. She had two sons one of whom had died in an accident. Kamini Devi’s husband, a merchant by profession had also left for his heavenly abode a few years ago after being diagnosed with brain tumour. Kamini Devi had maintained that no daughters were born in her family as they are an unnecessary burden and she used hacks to procure male children both for herself and her daughter-in-law Sheetal.

Kamini had found herself a beautiful and dutiful daughter-in-law for her only son who was serving in the Indian Army. While her son Manish was stationed in different parts of the country, Kamini and Sheetal lived in East Delhi at their ancestral home. Within a year of marriage, Sheetal gave birth to a baby boy. Kamini named him Amoolya. Kamini treated Sheetal like her daughter. They shopped, watched movies and cooked together. Kamini couldn’t stop raving about the beauty and impeccable manners of her daughter-in-law. They were privy to each other’s little secrets. Amoolya had started going to play school and was growing well under the care and nurturance of his grandmother and mother.

Everything was going as per Kamini’s wishes till a deadly pandemic turned everything upside down.

Sheetal was pregnant a second time, and Kamini had made sure that even this time it would be a boy. Sheetal was given utmost care during this critical period. However, inspite of all precautions, the entire family contracted the Corona Virus disease and before they could realise it, it was too late. Although Kamini and Amoolya recovered, when Sheetal was taken to the haspital, her lungs were 90 percent impaired. The doctors performed C-Section and pulled out the baby one-and-a-half months before the due delivery date as both the lives of the mother and child were under threat. Sheetal was put on ventilator support and breathed her last 10 days later.

The newborn infant thankfully survived and was doing well.

Kamini Devi hated girls and had a soft corner for boys. God granted both her wishes by giving her two healthy grandsons and taking away with him her daughter-in-law( who was more like a daughter to her.)

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