These series of events date back to the days I spent in my school hostel . Our aged hostel warden Sr Bertha was a very understanding lady but at the same time very strict about rules. She used to stay in staff quarters which was a kilometre away from the hostel.

Like in every institution there were in our hostel shy girls, cry girls, rude girls, cute girls, some were boisterous others popular, some smart, a few others quiet, some high-strung and some others quarrelsome, a few girlish and still others bullies.

Ashi, one of the 9th graders had a quick temper and no one dared to mess with her. Among vegetables she was most akin to red chillies- slender and small and fuming from the nose.

One day during their spare time at the dorm, Ashi flew off the handle at Disha for calling her “fat.”

Ashi shouted and yelled at Disha till she was almost in tears. This did not go down well with Disha’s friends and they entreated Ashi to apologise to Disha failing which a group fight started. A heated argument ensued coupled with name calling and use of curse words. Family and boyfriends were also brought into the picture and the girls from both groups threatened to leak dirty secrets about one another till the hostel warden walked in.

“What is this happening?” she questioned angrily.

The girls bowed down their heads anticipating the trouble that lay ahead.

“What was the fight about?” the hostel warden Sr. Bertha enquired.

‘H…Harshita, the fight was about why Harshita has such frequent mood swings.

“Harshita who and w..what mood swings?”

“Her granny died to whom she was very attached… ever since she can’t control herself.”

“Where is Harshita?”

“On medical leave sister.”

“This is certainly not a matter to fuss about and what was the discussion about boyfriends.”

“Her boyfriend is depressed and undergoing therapy”

“Whose boyfriend, Harshita’s or granny’s?


“That is why Disha has such a sulky face. B… but what has Harshita’s mood swings post her granny’s death got to do with Disha’s boyfriend’s depression?”

“ Harshita’s granny died so she was having mood swings so she was mad Ashi for stealing the ring that was gifted to Disha by her boyfriend who was ashi’s cousin’s uncle’s friend.”

“Very complicated.” said Sr Bertha ready to leave.

Just then amidst all this commotion Harshita who has no clue as to what was happening walks in!!!!

Gags n giggles!

If black ants and red ones are put in the same jar, they don’t harm one another until the jar is shaken. After this, they go around killing one another.

The black ants think that red is the enemy and the red ones think that the black ants are antagonists.

Even in real life situations, we blame one another but the real culprit is the one that shook the jar that is the “netas.”


langar wangar!!🤣🤣🤣

संता: हमारे यहाँ सब बराबर हैं

बंता: वो कैसे

संता: क्योंकि हम फ़र्क़ नहीं करते. हमारे यहाँ हम, हमारे नौकर चाकर और पालतू कुत्ते, बिल्ली एक ही थाली में खाते हैं