Patience is a Virtue

Once a man named Chandrashekhar was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 3 years for a crime he had not committed. He had to share room with seasoned criminals, the food was bland, the jail inmates were woken up early in the morning and made to slog. There was no way he could prove his innocence after the final court order. He was guilty in the eyes of law and a culprit in the eyes of the public.

He could have had a breakdown but he remained calm and collected. He rose early, participated actively in the daily affairs and started writing an autobiography wherein he narrated how from a successful businessman he was reduced to dust after his name was hurled into a scam by the machinations of his deceitful business partner. He quite often missed his three year old daughter and would stare at her photograph for hours till tears trickled down his cheeks. Chandrashekhar’s wife would come to meet him in jail. She had told their daughter that father had crossed seven seas to get a laughing doll for her.

Days passed and just when he had finished penning his novel, he was released from jail nine months prior to his release date on the basis of good behaviour and conduct.

He always had the choice to become depressed, sulk and brood over life but he took things as a challenge and turned circumstances in his favour. His book became an international best seller.

We all are thrust into difficult situations; how we deal with it is what matters!

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