The Sour Ice Cream!

One fine day, in the month of October,

A had a weird shopping experience that I hate to remember!

I started at noon time and I shopped until three

I shopped till the shopping had got the better of me!

I shopped for this I shopped for that,

I shopped and shopped until I dropped!

Never in my life had an experience so bizarre,

With heavy shopping bags I inched towards my car!

My throat had gone dry,

gone was my voice;

with some effort I offered a squeal,

One cara mellowed Belgium chocolate ice cream please!

The driver did his bidding,

he bought the ice cream;

but was halted in the way

by a passing cavalcade.

Bright and sunny was the day,

the ice cream had begun to melt away!

There was great hullabaloo and mess was created,

but this inched no where close to the mess in my head!

Ebbed had the tide,

the cavalcade had passed by;

the driver apparated with a cone empty

I said “Just eat it!”

The driver begged to get another one,

but I said “I’m done!”

Sometimes by the breadth of a whisker,

an ice cream so sweet can turn inevitably sour!

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