The Missing Jewels!

By Manjari

Naina was a educated young homemaker in her late 20s hailing from a good family background and her good breeding was reflected in her behaviour and demeanour. She was the right admix of genteelness, wit and humour. She was married to Vedant Malhotra., a doctor by profession and the couple had two lovely daughters, Gaurika( aged 12) and Vedika ( aged 9). The Malhotras resided In the posh Malviya Nagar area of New Delhi.

The Malhotras were all set to attend Vedant’s Sister’s (Madura) daughter’s wedding in Udaipur in the month of February. Udaipur was at its glorious best during this time of the year and the wedding host’s residence was teeming with multitudinous guests who had come from different corners of the country to attend the event. Naina was a little apprehensive about her jewellery that she had carried in her luggage to be worn during the nuptials.

“Why don’t you hand it over to didi. She will keep it safely in a locker away from prying eyes,” suggested Vedant.

10 years into the marriage, Naina was not oblivious to Madura’s crooked ways.

“I’d rather have my jewellery stolen than give it away to Madura didi,” Naina thought.

Despite the knowledge that Madura was not dependable, Naina handed over all her jewellery to the lady as she didn’t want to hurt her husband. After all, Madura was Vedant’s only sister and was so very dear to him.

The wedding nuptials were a memorable affair leaving lasting imprint on the minds of those present.

However, a minor glitch played the spoilt sport in an otherwise smooth running affair.

Much to her expectations, Naina realised that a few pieces of her jewellery were found missing from her collection which Madura had returned to her.

“Didi where is one of my necklace sets that I had handed you over; the one with emeralds and rubies?”

“I have safely returned all that you had handed over. You could even check my locker for your personal satisfaction,” Madura said brazenly.

“Didi, this is absolutely uncalled for. If you are saying that you have returned every piece of Naina’s jewellery then so be it! Naina you must check your bag thoroughly before jumping to lame conclusions,” remarked Vedant defending his sister Madura.

Naina exercised her presence of mind and wit to resolve this seemingly knotty situation.”You are absolutely right Vedant. All my pieces are intact. In fact, didi seems to have passed on one of her exquisite pieces to my collection. Didi, could you shed some light on the matter,” she said showing Madura one of the necklaces.

“Oh.. yes, yes that was my favourite piece. I wonder how I could get so careless as to pass on one of my favourite pieces to your collection,” said the avaricious Madura who couldn’t seem to have enough of such stuff.

“How can you say that Madura when I myself had gifted the piece to Naina upon the birth of Gaurika. It seems you have been lying all along.You wicked woman! I’m sure you have stolen the necklace set which Naina has been talking about. Should we have Naina check your locker?” said Madura’s husband Anand fumingly.

Madura’s plan had backfired on her.She felt totally ashamed and lost for words.