In a country where people’s favourite pastime is bringing others down in general, I’m glad that achievements of people like me who follow the policy of “live and let live” and pay attention to personal development and do productive work, are finally being recognised. It is a hard road, though! Tough, really rally tough!!! I have done it all on my own, with very little help and assistance. Some day, I would love to thank those who helped me! Even a very small amount of help has mattered. Above all THANK YOU GOD, we’ve almost made it!

1) नारी शक्ति सम्मान (2018) This title was to be conferred upon me at the grand function held in my honour at Allahabad and I was to receive this award from the ambassador of Mauritius. Ironically, I could not be a part of this function held in my honour! The award was later presented to me at Agra by former mayor of Agra Smt. Anjula Mahaur ji.

2) Global Achiever’s Award (2022)

3) Featured in the list of Fortune Magazine’s Most Impactful Leaders✌️

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