…B’cos I’m the Good Thing!

Shankar was a middle-aged bearded guy who nestled the violin on his paunch and played for passersby. His melody was a panacea for a depressed heart and uplifting for the dejected and the heartbroken. Passersby who were in a great hurry would pause to give a ear to his sweet melody. At the end of the day, Shankar was happy with the jingling bag of coins he earned dropped forth by passersby who chose to reward him for his renditions.

One day a lady offered Shankar a gold coin which she said she had offered him in return for the beautiful rendition of a piece which her deceased husband had played for her.

“I can feel my husband alive and playing for me,” she said with tears in her eyes.

A group of young entrepreneurs who heard him play while going for work happened to pass by that very day.

A brash and arrogant young entrepreneur from the group laughed as he said to Shankar “I have seen you play at the same spot for the last 8 years… You are still stuck here…Why do good things never happen to you?!!”

Shankar smiled and said “good question…because I’m the good thing…”