The Unforgettable Pet

Lucy was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. Freya had received her as a gift on her 7th birthday. Lucy was intelligent, amicable and

affectionate. Lucy’s presence in Freya’s life made up for the absence of siblings. Lucy had a sound constitution which could be attributed to her alertness and playfulness. She had a perfect set of bright, twinkly eyes which set her apart from the rest of her clan. Freya’s mother Ina always thought her as model material. As they say that all good things come to an end so Lucy also crossed the rainbow bridge after her 13 years of loyal service to her masters. Teary eyed, Freya bid adieu to her faithful friend.

This was however a new beginning. Freya planted a aloe vera seed in her kitchen garden at the site where Lucy was buried. Within a months’ time there was a fully grown aloe vera plant. Ina and Freya used gels and juice of the aloe vera plant and applied it onto their skins with phenomenal results.The Pups or offshoots were taken from the mother plant to grow more aloe vera. When they had enough plants in their garden the surplus juices and gels were sold to friends and neighbours with minimum profit. Encouraged by the results, Ina and Freya now started making aloe vera shampoos, cosmetics and medicines from the aloe vera plants. A small initiative metamorphosed into small scale cooperative where many women from low socioeconomic backgrounds were pooled in to manufacture soaps, shampoos, cleansers, gels, juices and lotions under the brand name Lucy. Where on the one hand, women acquired employment, on the other Ina’s and Freya’s business flourished. The small scale cooperative, within matter of years, grew into a large enterprise benefitting millions! Ina and Freya received the Entrepreneur of the Year award. Teary eyed, the duo thanked Lucy to whom they owed their success story. Lucy reigned a million hearts! Lucy’s song was on every lip just as Lucy’s juicy lip balms!