A virus

so infectious

It cripples

by an attack so subtle

And replicates

faster than supersonic jet

but no contagion

is more fast spreading

than a cheerful disposition

so don’t be sissy

breathe easy

any debility or disease

a smile can defeat

If a malady

can be deadly

a smile will

take you miles

go flex some facial muscles

and beat that rascal

the battle is clearly won

for those that smile more often!

hickory dickory dock

the virus ran up the (respiratory) tract

virus what??

I don’t give a fuck

hickory dickory dock

another version-

hickory dickory dock

the virus ran up the tract

align your masks

till virus gets knocked out

hickory dickory dock

Humpty Dumpty-Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty dumpty had a great fall

All the nurses and all the sawbones

Could not put Humpty together again

Incy wincy spider-Incy Wincy virus crawled up through my nostrils

In the middle of the night I gave out a loud sneeze

Its needless describing what followed next

My lousy situation all can guess!

Rain rain go away-Virus virus go away

Come again another day

Little Johnny wants to play

O virus go to Syracuse

Don’t be such a lout!

Baa Baa black sheep…-Virus virus have u any tricks

Yes sir yes sir tons of shit

One for each I spare no bones

O wait until it is ur turn!!!

Pussy cat pussy cat…-Virus virus where have you been

To India, to see Kashmir

Virus virus what did u do there

I made everyone gasp for air!!

Twinkle Twinkle…-Virus virus why are u here

I’m here to cause u fever

Why does my temperature run so high?

Ur doctor has the reply.

Happy World Laughter Day

India is going through a crisis, unheard of in the brief history of time. Our health infrastructure is overwhelmed, people are sick and dying, there is shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals and elsewhere. Other nations are commiserating with us and lending a helping hand. Back home, people who matter are coming forward to lend a helping hand. I know that it is difficult to stifle a laugh through all of this.

Why is it the way it is? Why only India and no other country? What went wrong? Is the government to blame or are we the real culprits.

In February, we had started celebrating after the cases had plummeted. We had become over confident that we had outstripped the virus. The Government was slow to act. With our health infrastructure dating back to the 19th century, there is nothing much we can do. Genome sequencing is the need of the hour. We need to track the variants as to where it is spreading and where is it headed to.

The government isn’t only to blame. Back home, we must reflect as to whether we have shown covid appropriate behaviours. Have we worn masks when we should have, practiced social distancing etc?

We have and must take pride in our culture. We must be complacent of our age old systems like the Ayurveda and Yoga but not at the cost of making fun of other cultures. Above all, we must learn to laugh at ourselves before we laugh at others.

Happy World Laughter Day!

Stay positive 🤞

Corona memes

CBSE cancels 10th board exams:

Doctors on call

Students having a ball

Kumbh: not so-sahi Snan

In the recent elections in Bengal n Assam, who would win? Any guesses???

Cops beat a hair-dresser to death in Aurangabad for keeping salon open despite restrictions: Khaki turning scarlet is pure savage!!!

People falling like matches like in the game of target!

The New Normal in Covid Era

1. Hand washing ritual is perfectly sane and normal. It is no longer a sign of OCD

2. The pros of being introverted far outweigh those of being an extrovert. Not socialising or attending gatherings is not a sign of asocial behaviour.

3. If you are in favour of exams being cancelled, you don’t have test anxiety. You are in tune with times.

4. If you avoid going to school or favour the online curriculum over the classroom curriculum, there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly well-adjusted.

5. If you are suspicious of people, you are certainly not paranoid. 👀

6. Your partner cannot force themselves upon you as maintaining a distance of 6 feet is obligatory.

7. If you are obsessed with cleaning your surroundings well then… golden words are not repeated….

8. If you disagree with the above you need to see a medic.