The Prevalent Education System: Are we raising automatons or free thinking individuals.

The current education system of India was a gift of the British Raj and although Britain has revamped its education policy from time to time,India is thriving on the same age old pattern. Before every election, our politicians make fake promises to garner votes; however after acceding to power, their only aim is to fill coffers.

As a result, the common man is hard hit and so are the children who are the future of this country. The prevalent education system encourages rote learning and meritocracy and these qualities are viewed as a true measure of intelligence.

The parents force their children to pursue Medicine or Engineering as career options. Creativity and individuality is suppressed at all levels. For instance, there is immense career scope for people from the Science stream but say for example a child is interested in Fine Arts may have very few options. Unlike the western countries, in India there aren’t any set ups which promote and nurture artistic talent. People have to persevere hard for many many years to witness mother luck shine on them and this may even not happen at all. Same is true in the field of writing. Chetan Bhagats and Sudha Murthys have made a mark in the field of writing due to their dazzling profiles and financial backing. However, there are many talented writers in our country who have gone unheard. This is only a small glimpse of how creativity and individuality is downplayed in our society.

There haven’t been many substantive educational reforms in our country which I think is in need of a significant revamp.

Some developed countries have done away with board exams. Why can’t we lighten the load of young people who actually should be enjoying themselves!

Finland ranked the happiest country has also the best education system in the world because it emphasises equity over excellence. They have no standardised testing systems as the students are graded individually through a grading system created by their teacher. Bar is higher for teachers ie only masters degree holders (from specialised teaching schools) can opt for teaching and an individual principal is allotted to every teacher to keep a tab on their progress. Children start school when they are older ie 7 years and Finland has only 9 years of compulsory education.

India ranks 139th on the happiness quotient which is 10th from bottom. Every hour at least 1 student in India commits suicide every year. We boast of Indian scientists and doctors making us proud in India and abroad but the suicide data is inevitably suppressed.

Are we creating doctors, engineers and scientists or a generation of depressed and melancholic adults?

Are we raising free thinking individuals or automatons programmed to follow the line of command??

Baa Baa black sheep…-Virus virus have u any tricks

Yes sir yes sir tons of shit

One for each I spare no bones

O wait until it is ur turn!!!

Pussy cat pussy cat…-Virus virus where have you been

To India, to see Kashmir

Virus virus what did u do there

I made everyone gasp for air!!

Twinkle Twinkle…-Virus virus why are u here

I’m here to cause u fever

Why does my temperature run so high?

Ur doctor has the reply.

Just Chill!

Doctor: Did you feel any pressure today?

Me: Nope… A lot is being released from my mouth but nothing appears to come out from the bottom.

Doctor: Include fibres in your diet like flax seeds, chia seeds, chick peas, legumes, strawberries, oranges and potatoes with skins……. avoid oily and spicy foods,drink plenty of water and take the medicines I have prescribed. By the way do you complain of constipation?

Me: (burp)When ever pressure builds I sit on the commode… but after each movement, ( burp)I feel unsatisfied.(burp)

Doctor: In your case, what time of the day does pressure usually build up?

Me: Towards the evening…

Doctor:It never happens in the morning?

Me: (burp)Hmm…hardly(burp)

Doctor: Have you tried with morning newspaper after having sipped one or two cups of coffee…??

Me: Nope

Doctor: Try that till it happens and do what I have told you earlier…

Disconnects the phone

Next evening…

Me: Hello

Doctor: Yes, tell me how are you feeling.

Me: (burp)Besides medicines I tried fibres, water and coffee (burp)in the morning time …It has helped but little(burp)

Doctor: Does your meal comprise of too much colas and junk…

Me: Yes and no(burp)

Doctor: I didn’t get you… come again.

Me: I work at an MNC and have to work for 10-12 hours at a stretch.(burp)Ido grab a burger and a cola (burp)or two to satisfy my small hunger pangs(burp)(burp)

Doctor: Carry with you some nuts and fruits for these little food cravings…

Me: sure

Next morning:-

The phone rings

Me:Hello doctor!

Doctor: Did you feel any movement.

Me: I’m in stuck in the loo (burp)for the last 25 minutes..

Doctor: See if you can lay your hand on some lukewarm water…

Me: I’m doing just that(burp)but it hurts!

Doctor: keep trying… if it doesn’t work we will try herbal laxatives like senna or castor oil or maybe an enema Buy senna leaves and boil them in water until they become half. Strain and drink warm. You could even drink two tablespoons castor oil.

Me: But what about right now?(burp) It’s not coming out….wait( burp)I’ll call you in a while…

The doctor calls in the next day.

Doctor: How are you feeling now?

Me: Much better. I emptied twice today and the motion was smooth and effortless.

Doctor: What did you have for meals?

Me: Chopped nuts and flax seeds with scatterings of braised lamb here and there, orange juice with a dash of tequila and lime and chia seeds over chocolate pudding!

Doctor burps!!