The Prevalent Education System: Are we raising automatons or free thinking individuals.

The current education system of India was a gift of the British Raj and although Britain has revamped its education policy from time to time,India is thriving on the same age old pattern. Before every election, our politicians make fake promises to garner votes; however after acceding to power, their only aim is to fill coffers.

As a result, the common man is hard hit and so are the children who are the future of this country. The prevalent education system encourages rote learning and meritocracy and these qualities are viewed as a true measure of intelligence.

The parents force their children to pursue Medicine or Engineering as career options. Creativity and individuality is suppressed at all levels. For instance, there is immense career scope for people from the Science stream but say for example a child is interested in Fine Arts may have very few options. Unlike the western countries, in India there aren’t any set ups which promote and nurture artistic talent. People have to persevere hard for many many years to witness mother luck shine on them and this may even not happen at all. Same is true in the field of writing. Chetan Bhagats and Sudha Murthys have made a mark in the field of writing due to their dazzling profiles and financial backing. However, there are many talented writers in our country who have gone unheard. This is only a small glimpse of how creativity and individuality is downplayed in our society.

There haven’t been many substantive educational reforms in our country which I think is in need of a significant revamp.

Some developed countries have done away with board exams. Why can’t we lighten the load of young people who actually should be enjoying themselves!

Finland ranked the happiest country has also the best education system in the world because it emphasises equity over excellence. They have no standardised testing systems as the students are graded individually through a grading system created by their teacher. Bar is higher for teachers ie only masters degree holders (from specialised teaching schools) can opt for teaching and an individual principal is allotted to every teacher to keep a tab on their progress. Children start school when they are older ie 7 years and Finland has only 9 years of compulsory education.

India ranks 139th on the happiness quotient which is 10th from bottom. Every hour at least 1 student in India commits suicide every year. We boast of Indian scientists and doctors making us proud in India and abroad but the suicide data is inevitably suppressed.

Are we creating doctors, engineers and scientists or a generation of depressed and melancholic adults?

Are we raising free thinking individuals or automatons programmed to follow the line of command??

Happy All Fools Day

As Governments of several states across the country have issued guidelines to reopen schools, one such school was scheduled to reopen from April 1, 2021. A seventh grader wrote a sweet letter to the school authorities which reads as follows:

All this while you fooled us by making us learn abstruse mathematical formulae, abstract science concepts, history about the gone and the dead when these subjects are not to my liking. All the Physics of f=ma, the baffling Chemistry of acids and bases reacting to form salts and how and why of photosynthesis and reproduction in plants has gone above my head. I want to become an FBI agent when I grow up and I do not know haw this is going to help me as a sleuth. Will all this knowledge help me crack a case? Probably no. Many stalwarts became great without any formal education. Examples are Rabindra Nath Tagore, Thomas Edison and our very own PM Mr Narendra Modi. In the month of March, when children should be regaling, preparing for festivities and splashing colours at one another, we are made to cram for our final exams.

I take the All Fools’ Day to protest the prevalent education system by not reporting to school. I shall join from April 2 onwards. In the meanwhile, take time and consider my point of view.

Happy All Fools’ Day.


From Maya