Ek Radha Ek Meera

These two are abstract paintings of Radharani and Meera bai. These paintings are acrylic on canvas. While Radha was the love of Krishna, Meera is known for the unrequited love she had for Lord Krishna. Meera is the proponent of the bhakti movement and penned numerous poems dedicating them to Krishna.

Thought provoking 🤔

If mango is the king of fruits then why does pineapple wear a crown???

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My answer: Mango may be ruling hearts and is the proclaimed king, but pineapple wears the crown after all because being king is a state of mind. An janitor can be the king when he reaches home after work and is served by his wife and his children showering love and wanting affection from him. For feeling like a king, u don’t need to be one. It’s like to feel beautiful u don’t need people to come up to u and say so, if u feel in ur heart that u are, u will be beautiful eventually in others eyes too. All it needs is the right dose of confidence!